May all your days be circus days!

Crash Moreau's

(Part 2)

          Wooster, Mass
          May 3

 So far this year, I have only seen 3 protester out side of a performance.

          Dunkin Donut's Arena
          Providence, RI
          May 3

          James Hammid Circus
          Big E Coliseum
          West Springfield, Mass
          May 4

James Hammid Sr. once again produced a great circus presentation for the Melha Shrine. Some of the acts this year was The Flying Pages, Adam Burch and the Hawthorne Tigers, Berrata elephants, Rolling Diamonds, plus the one and only Nino Giovanni who stole the show and beleive it or not ended the show with no one leaving until he was done. I love that Nino has changed the Radio comedy act that everyone is doing. His new version is a balloon, what a great change. This show features live music along with some canned music depending on the act. Ringmaster this year was John Wilson. There was many other acts in this two hour presentation. I have to say this is the best Shrine Circus in the New England Area for anyone who loves the circus and never has attended.

Another first for the Melha Shriner's is that their program is sold for a donation. The first that I have ran across doing this as other Temples still charge up to $3 for programs.

At most performances of the Melha Shrine Circus the show starts off with the Shrine Grande Parade of the Melha Units.

Elephant rides were given before the show, at intermission and after the show with all 4 elephants set up to give rides but only 3 were used.

          Florence, SC
          May 12

Once again I ran across the biggest touring 3 ring circus on the road today who is playing from Coast to Coast this year. It has slimmed down over the years from a four ring show and over 20 elephants to todays size and only 3 elephants.

This is a real 3 ring circus as in most cases they use 3 rings all the time compared to other shows that only use 1 ring at a time. Once again Junior is back as the Ringmaster and doing a great job, Billy Morris Jr. is on the show presenting the 3 elephants until Tim Frisco comes back in about 3 weeks. A spectacular strenght act that looks like mummies that I must say is one of the best that I have scene, a motorcycle incline wire act that is better than the one on Ringling's new show this year. Also the best double wheel of destiny with 4 people working the act that I have scene this year, even better than the double wheel on Cirque du Soile Kooza. A show that has more than one clown. This is a spectacular circus. The equipment is painted up and looks like a true circus which I believe in, as if you look like a regular freight truck no one knows who you are. If you are lettered up you get all the extra free advertising other shows miss out on. Another great show that I recommend to anyone that maybe in the area of a performance.

One of the welcome to the circus clowns on the midway of the big one. The great Carson - Barnes 3 Ring Circus.

         Culpepper, VA
         May 14

This one ring mud show is a real nice show that plays small towns in the mid Atlantic area of the country. The one thing that this show has over the bigger shows is that they do not have alot of semi's going down the road. I would say that their fuel bill is only 20% of the bigger shows. There are no spectacular acts except the Human Volcano of Brian LaPalm who will be leaving for a summer date in New England this year. Farmer Brown with a nice single Camel routine.

The shows petting zoo in the front lot and seen out side on the front yard is the set-up of the tiger act which is performed free after each show as the crowd lets out.

The show has 3 cats that mingle together in one cage

         Landover, MD
         May 16

This years performance is another top rated show. So far this has been the best performance of any shows that I have seen. With a straw house the audience really get into the show. This years show is called JABULANI a celebration of joy, happiness and laughter. This was the first time I have heard ringmaster Tony Tune and of coarse the Universoul  Ringmaster's sidekick Zeke is back. To start the show off was one of the best lyar / cradel act that I have seen by Brazil's Bea. Other featured acts was Twisted Soul a contortion acts that stars 2 kids that you would not believe, performing on a platform suspended above a ring full of fog. A real group of Cossack riders that are running at top speed in a ring. The original way not like one show who thinks it is better to run in and out of the arena. About the only time we have any preaching this year was the income of Noah's Ark and the mixed animal revue. Music was loud as usual but keeps the audience in a up beat mood.  A 3 person single trap act by the by the Mystery Brothers. Another great act that really stood out was the 14 member Chinese troup performing on 2 vertical poles. This is the best act of this kind that I have seen. And to top off the show was the Soul Circus Diva's presented by the one and only George Hanneford. This year George is not spinning his hooks like he did last year on the Cole All Star Circus, but is dancing to the beat of the music right through the presentation of his 3 diva's. I can say George was looking like he was really injoying himself in this performance. What ever you do, if this show comes to your area you sure do not want to miss this show. don't wait to get your tickets as this show sells out most performances.

         Potomic Mill Mall, VA
         May 16

I stopped in for the afternoon 4 P.M. performance after seeing Universoul earlier in the day. This afternoon was cold and a few showers passing thru. I talked for awhile with Caroline Rice and Mike keeping them up dated on the shows that I have seen so far this year, and also office manager Adam who also is from Maine and checks out this site often.

A real light crowd for the third show of a 5 day stand at this Mall location. A much bigger crowd attended the night performance. From here the show heads to Vineland, NJ where I attended the show last year. If  this date is like last year there will be straw houses at every performance. This years performance was another great show compared to a few years ago when the show was real weak. New this year was three riders in the globe that splits in half, a replacement of a male to perform the featured  Human Cannonball, the three acts from Caroline and Mike (Caroline's dogs, Mike's camels with Caroline styling, and Mike's horse acts). Frank Murray's Elephants presented by his two daughter who style and direct the performance of the two elephants (most of the time while riding on top of the elephants). In a couple of weeks Frank is being replaced by a herd from the Miller Oganization as Frank has his regular renazon dates he plays each year. 

Prior to the show and during intermission was pony and camel rides along with elephant rides. I  have to say this is the best looking circus lot that I run across each year that plays two to three different towns each week, compared to the big one that stays in place for a month. This is a real animal show once again. I can't forget Ringmaster Chris Connors who spotted me as I was walking on the midway. He never knows when or where I will show up. The one act that I thought was weak was the flying act. In my opion and only mine if the fliers just perform the regular routine and don't do anything spectacular than it's a 50's act. But if at least one flier does at least a rebound to the bar on their dismount than they go up in my approval of their act. On the other hand this show at least has a flying act compared to alot that I see that has none. Overall another great show that you don't want to miss when they play in an area near you.

Elephant rides with the Murray Family on the outside prior to the evening show.

Before and during intermission new this year was Camel rides by Mike

        Royal Hanneford Circus (3 ring)
        Morristown, NJ
        May 17

One of the great things that makes this show special,  is how the spot lights makes shadows of the performers on the end walls of the auditorium.

Stuppi Hanneford has put together another great presentation for the Salaam Shrine with program director and Ringmaster Bill Martin. This is a 3 ring circus using all area of the areana. The show starts off with 3 rings of arial acts with the spotlights putting up shadows on the walls of the acts.  Miss Angela trapeze act was in center ring, with the Vlastic and Garcia cradel acts at each end. Tim Frisco presented 3 Miller Elephants,  Clayton Rosair Cats, Leo Garcia and his single wheel of destiny and motorcycle globe featuring Maximus. The Vlastic family acts unicycles, cradel and trampoline featuring the one and only Roger. A great archiery act and one of the best quick change performance of the Smirnovs. Also trained house cats by Mayya Panifilova and the Cortes Flyers. Another great act was the bareback riding act with performers from two different circus families. One was the Christiani's.

Leo Garcia performs inside the Wheel Of Destiny.

The ceiling is so low that Leo has a hard time walking on the outside of the wheel. As you can see as he hits the ceiling tile.

      Whitneyville, ME
     July 3

This was the first time to see the full show this year. What a strong show! The set-up on this rocky lot looked great. Because of the area and the ground the kids bounce was set-up in the tent at the far end. Ringmistress was well handled by Dallas Rosaire Zoppe. Top act was King Gustaf with and his trained goats (aka Carlos Svenson).


       Houlton Fair
       Houlton, ME
      July 5

Sam Johnson performs a one man show featuring slackwire walking, aerial hand stands and juggling in a 20 minute performance. Sam started off his career on Circus Smirkus and now performance on his own.

        Lincoln, ME
        July 6

My second time to see this show was in my home town. The lot 48 hours prior to the arrival was not even mowed but it was mowed before the show got in. Believe it or not it was mowed by a riding home lawn mower who had no idea how large an area was needed to set-up on. Another first for me was to help set-up and tear down a circus tent. What hard work!

      July 11

Another great performance from the kids of Circus Smirkus that was set up off Route #20 between East Springfield and Palmer, Mass. A circus that you don't want to miss. Every year there is a new theme to the production.

      Orange County Fair
      Middletown, NY
     July 17

This spot is an outdoor open air productions which runs about 30 minutes. The show started with aerial wire walker Sanchez who does a fantastic one man walk. Of all the walkers he makes the slip on the wire looks so real compared to others that really look fake. Ending the show was the globe of death.

      Skowhegan State Fair
      Skowhegan, ME
     Aug 11
This is the first time that the Skowhegan State Fair has brought in a full size tented circus during the fair. I feel this was a great move especially under canvas as it rained alot during this years fair and an open air show would have never got all the performances in. During my visit I would have to say this years performance has to be Serge's strongest that I have seen. A great show with top class acts. Running time was about 60 minutes.

      Altamont Fair
      Altamont, NY
      Aug 12
The crowds build up prior to the door opening at the Altamont New York Fair.  This is a show you don't want to miss, if it comes to an area near you. Each year there is new acts that miggle into the family presentation that you expect to see. Nino brings the house down at every performance. This year Nino even performs as a female bareback rider. You never know what he will come up with next. I have seen Nino wire walking, bareback riding, trapezing and clowning to canvas boss and circus producer. If anyone can do it, It would be Nino.

When the show is over the performers meet the audience on their way out. Shaking hands with everyone leaving. More shows and performers should inter act with the audience. In this picture is 4 of the performers. I guess you can tell which one is Nino!

      Hamburg, NY
      Aug 17
KANDY KANE  along with 4 of the Chinese Acrobat team after the autograph signing session. This troup of acrobats perform many different all new routines that I have never seen before. After years of performing at the America's Fair this troup is probally the best.