May all your days be circus days!

Crash Moreau's


(PART 3)

       Champlain Valley Fair
       Essex Jct., VT
       Aug 30

Another great performance produced by Johnny Walker. This performance features the same performers as scene earlier in the year but the shows running time is approx. 60 minutes which cuts out a few acts at each performance. The show plays at least 3 shows a day with acts changing at each performance. The show was set up on the midway of Reithoffer Shows. The red and yellow tent blended in with the carnival rides.

       Champlain Valley Fair
       Essex Jct., VT

At the opposite end of the fairgrounds, Willy Page had his flying act set-up. A great presentation including a top catcher and the amazing Mercedes who was launched from the top catcher. Anthony executed a triple in the performance that I saw. After the trapeze Mercedes did a hoola-hoop routine and the Pages came back out and ended the show with their Russian Swing Act.

        Cusin Grumpies Pork Chop Revue

        Champlain Valley Fair
        Essex Jct., VT

Standing room only was the word for each of the days performances of Les Krimes and the Cuzin' Grumpies Pork Chop Revue. In this show the Porkers did a few new routines.

      Vermont State Fair
      Rutland, VT
      Aug 31

This is a good looking set-up and for this performance I watched Victoria walk on the silver strand which I have not seen before. The show only did 3 acts. The first was the high wire than a clown routine with her son than a 2 person globe of death.  The only down side of this show was the coloring book pitch / clown nose which took five minutes before the last act. And than the picture pitch that was done between rides in the globe. One other thing that bothers me is when you see 2 other acts set up and not used in the performance which makes me feel like the spectators are jipped. If you have it set-up in site than you need to do it PERIOD.

       Vermont, State Fair
       Rutland, VT

On the to side of the fairgrounds Tina Winn, The Galaxy Girl had her rigging set-up where she performed her aerial trapeze and sway pole routine. Always a breath-taking act. On her way down she performs a slide for life on the wire. Than it was Johnny Rocket and Jupiter Justin turn in the Cyber Sphere (Globe of Death). They are 2 of the best riders that I have seen this year.


       New York State Fair
       Syracuse, NY
       Sept 1

This is the third time I have seen Serge this year. This time Serge had everything set-up in the infield of the race track. A different location nearer the midway and everything is in one place. A set-up that was the best looking that I have seen at any fair. Serge was set up next to my friend Scott Commander and the go-cart race track. This year this new set-up brought more people to the infield area. This was the strongest show that I have seen at Syracuse and the tent had much more seating than previous years.


         New York State Fair
         Syracuse, NY

This 30 minute presentation was the slowest show that boreded me to death with only 3 acts.Opening was introductions of the players who was dressed in Pirate custumes. First was a slow lyia act which looked like she was a first of May on the rigging, than a rolla bolla act. A couple of new ways to do the act. But not an outstanding rolla-bola act. Than it was Joesph Baurers on the Single Wheel of Destiny. What a let down on this act as I know that he has done this act for years but it was not outstanding along with the weakest ending that I have seen in along time. Overall this was not a great show for the State Fair.

In one of the buildings, the area CFA and CMB&MB had a room with models set-up on display. Outside of the building an antique circus wagon was on display. To my surprise a few of the exhibitors new me right off. If you ever get to the State Fair you need to find out this display.

      Rochester Fair
      Rochester, NH
      Sept 14

My fourth time to see Serge Set up, this time in the infield of the race track which was a doniker location as it was at one end of the fairgrounds next to the grandstand area with no walkway thru to get traffic during of period of things to do to help out the grind shows that Serge carries (Smallest Horse, Petting Zoo, Pony Rides etc.) The only thing that comes over the public address system is times for the Circus and Pig Racing. The last circus performance goes head to head with the grandstand show which cuts into the crowd.
Another plus is a ring is set up outside of the tent which is used for the shows animal acts. A mixed camel and horse act and the Farezian Horses. The main show runs about 40 minutes which is shorter than Syracuse and Skowhegan but a real strong show. Sanches fantasic on the wire (the best slip on the wire that I have seen,  Also the show has one of the best quick change acts on the road today. How did she do it?

       Tenafly, NJ
       Sept 21

Circus Vidbel set up on the lot in Tenafly.

Ian Garden's ponies that was performing on the Vidbel Circus in Tenafly, NJ on a bright and sunny afternoon.

       Eastern States Exposition                      
       West Springfield, MA
       Sept 24

The BIG E's Circus Walk Of Fame is getting ready for the 2008 intoductee's.

This years Inductees, The Flying Pages getting in position for photos on the Walk Of Fame.

2008 Big E Super Circus, and The Royal Hanneford Ringmaster Billy Martin attending the Pages induction to the Big E's Walk Of Fame.

Members of the CFA takes a walk thru the BIG E  that was present for the BIG E Super Circus and Breakfast that was put on by Wayne McCary President of the E who hosted this year the Circus Historical Society Convention.


      Deerfield Fair
      Deerfield, NH
      Sept 25

The sign in front of the grandstand advertises the Wallenda's performance and their book.

The Bertini's perform on the stage with their unicycle act.

       Troy, NY
       Sept 27

The Oriental Shrine Circus was produced by Jim Hammid was scene at the Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY on Saturday afternoon. Not far from this show Ringling Gold was playing at Glen Falls.

This was a real nice 2 ring show set up inside of the college hockey arena. Also during come in and intermission there was 2 inflatables set up, face painting and picture taken with a large large snake.

To start the show of was Eggy the clown and ringmaster Peter Sturgis. Some of the acts were David Connors, the McIntryes. The Darnells performed two great acts including their Dazzling Poodle Follies. A fast paced plate spinning act by the great Davisio who breaks more plates in one act than I have ever scene before. This was great and shows the plates were breakable compared to others. One of my favorite Russian performers Butcher Bob did 2 comedy turns.

Miss Viktoria with one of the best chiffons acts that I have scene in years as she does more and difficult moves compared to others and her act is fast paced. I remembered when she first started and she had a great trainer who taught her right.

Ending the performance was all performers coming out for a final bow. Music was canned. During the show thier was lighted sword pitches.

I watched the show seated with area CFA members who spotted me right off as I came in and retired circus clown.

#36 RINGLING GOLD (Boom A Ring)
      Cumberland County Civic Center
      Portland, ME
      Oct 2

This years edition is way better than previous shows. The opening with Stanislav Knyazhov and Vasily Trifonov really did not tickle my fantasy with their comedy and juggling routine.

One of the top acts is the Cyclone of Steel better known as the Double wheel of Destiny. This is the best double wheel that I have seen in many years performed by Javier Castro and William Cruzedo. A note: William has to be rated as one of the top three walkers in the country, only topped by Crazy Wilson and

When up in the air on the silver stand, William and Javier is joined by Javier's wife Jasmin with an excellant performance. I have to say that the slip on the jump rope is tremendous. This part was done by Javier and is in the same league as Sanches who is on the Circus Hollywood. These two are the best of the best in executing the jump rope slip.

Diane Vedyashkia and her circus dog act is a one of a kind. In this act she uses only the long body with short legged dogs,  known as Hot Dogs which is really Dachshunds.

The cloud swing of Liina has some dangerous moves but at times she does not have the grace of others acts of this type that I have seen. When Martti her husband spins her on the Spanish Web, he spins her the fastest of any act that I have seen over the years.

The tumbling act of the Negrey Troup is well done. Vicenta Page with the white stripped tigers was great as she came up from a great circus family who tours with their own show in the mid-west area of the country.

Martti Pettonen who performs an artchery act which he shoots an apple off his own head. Overall this is by far the slowest of any archery act that I have seen and is not a spectacular act.  Valenti Dinov and Borislava Vaneva has a different head balancing act which I have seen in past years. The feature is a pole with a bicycle at the top which he balances on his head. As she rides the cycle it goes round and round upside down in a circle. The best performer of the show is Frenchmen Justin Case who I feel is the star of the show with all his entrances thru out the show. A great bicycle rider from a break a way cycle to one of the smallest who rides the small cycle thru a hoop of fire. A real showmen who I have seen in the past. Truely a delightful performance.

My camera went dead on me so I could not take any pictures of the great Miller Elephants handled by Ramone who had the three girls on Ian Garden Show earlier this year,  The three just went out and did their routine while Ramone walked around never once raising the angus. This is a top rated act in my book.


      Verizon Center
      Manchester, NH
Oct 3

During the pre -show, Clown Larry involves a small girl in his center ring routine..

Clown Larry talks to the CFA members during the New Hampshire / Maine joint Tent meeting prior to the evenings performance of the Ringling Show.

  Check out Clown Larry's website: